Living With Missing Teeth or Uncomfortable Dentures

This is a fairly common complaint that I hear occasionally when I ask a new patient if they feel comfortable with their mouth. The lady is missing several teeth and has worn a removable partial denture for years.  She had adapted to the removable teeth but several months ago, she removed them and for whatever reason she did not wear them for a month.  Later, when she tried to put…

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Intraoral Digital Impressions For Implants

The intraoral scanning at the specialist’s office benefits everyone involved. The experienced restorative dentist likes the simple procedure and reduced chair time. The inexperienced dentist benefits from the same things plus a close interaction with an experienced surgeon. The specialist benefits from increased referrals by restorative dentists who would like to benefit from the simplified, state of the art procedure. And last but not least, the patient benefits from a more comfortable procedure

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Cinco Minutos De Salud Oral

Cinco Minutos De Salud Oral
Noviembre 13, 2015 Podcast

La Salud Oral De Los Niños.

Saludos, y bienvenidos al segundo episodio (grabación) de este podcast sobre temas de salud dental.
En esta ocasión hablo de cosas que afectan la salud dental de los niños.  Espero que encuentren el tema interesante.


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