Learn More About Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best option to replace missing teeth in the mayority of cases.
Please watch this video for answers to some basic questions about dental implants – provided by Dr. Carlos Boudet, DDS, DICOI


  1. I had my #19 bone graft done on Friday, the stuff coming out from the wound becoming a blood clot. It keeps coming back after I wiped it. Should I remove it at all? It is uncomfortable to leave it inside my month. How long will the stuff continue to come out? Thanks!

    • Hello PT.
      What you are describing should be reported to the doctor that did the graft, and ask him or her those questions. Only the doctor that provided those services can advise you on what to do. Normally the graft is well contained and protected so that very little or no material is exposed and comes out.
      Again, call your doctor’s office.

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