Can I Get A Mini Implant To Replace My Premolar?



Can I Get A Mini Implant To Replace My Premolar?


If you need to place the implant the same day that you take the premolar out, the answer is No, you cannot.  You can fit five or more mini implants in the extraction socket left by the extraction of a premolar.

If you want to replace a single tooth with a mini implant, it should only be done when the size of the root of the tooth you are replacing is very narrow, such as certain maxillary lateral incisors or mandibular incisors.  It is not  recommended to replace a premolar with a mini implant since the root of the premolar is usually about five times larger than the size of a mini implant, and the forces exerted on a premolar are greater than one mini implant is designed to withstand.

If you were to use several mini implants and fuse them together to replace several teeth, it might work better, but that is not the case for one solitary implant in the area of the premolars or molars.

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