Do You Need A CT Scan To Get An Implant To Replace A Premolar?

I recently answered  a question about the need for a CT scan by an anonymous poster in Yahoo Answers here:;_ylt=AidZxZlDQItJgm.Y_AAvOqnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130913085432AATdPKy

This is an important question, as CT scans are becoming more readily available and many dentists are asking their patients to get one prior to the placement of implants.

Dentists have been placing dental implants for many decades with excellent success without the benefit of CT scans, so a scan is not absolutely required for the majority of implants placed, but they are extremely valuable to the dentist and offer detailed information about the three-dimensional volume of bone available to place the implants.

This allows the surgeon dentist to measure and determine with great precision if there is adequate bone available, and if not, it allows the dentist to explain to the patient any augmentation procedures needed in advance of any surgery.

The placement of an implant between adjacent teeth in the area of a premolar is a relatively simple procedure that is routinely done without a CT scan by experienced dentists.  One particular situation where it would be highly desireable to get a scan prior to placing an implant is in the area of the mandibular second premolar, where many times the bone is deficient and the surgeon risks injuring the mandibular nerve due to the close proximity of this structure in this area.

When a panoramic radiograph shows adequate bone height and clinical examination determines good width, it is usually safe to plan the implants, but when the width of the bone is in question, the three dimensional information that the CT scan provides is invaluable, and I find that I am suggesting more CT scans to my implant patients for the treatment planning of these cases because it increases my confidence level in my proposed treatment.

So the next time your dentist suggests a scan for treatment planning an implant, rest assured that he has your best interest in mind, and if he doesn’t, you probably have plenty of bone available for the procedure.

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