One of my front teeth fell out on its own. Can I get an implant?

Question from Anonymous:

I haven’t  gone to the dentist in a long time and one of my front teeth fell out on its own.  Can I get an implant and a crown the same day to replace it?


I am sorry to hear about your tooth, but I am afraid that you may not be able to get what you want.

The reason I say that is because for a tooth to fall out on its own, it means that you have lost all the bone that supports the root and holds the tooth in place.  This is the same bone that you need to have in order to be able to place a dental implant there.  In other words, if you lost all the bone that holds the tooth, you have no bone to hold the implant.

Another thing that concerns me is that for you to have had such severe bone loss, you must have very advanced periodontitis (gum disease) which would have to be treated and under control or eliminated in order to be able to give you a fair chance to keep the implant for the long term.

I suggest you go to the dentist of your choice and request an exam and x-rays so they can get enough information to determine the condition of your mouth and prepare a treatment plan for you.  It should include alternative treatments, pro’s and con’s for each treatment and risks associated with them.  You will also be able to get estimates of cost for the procedures needed and methods of payment including payment plans if available.

Your tooth falling out is a warning you should not ignore.

I hope you make an appointment with the dentist soon, and good luck!

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